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This web site and all pages connected to it are dedicated to the memory of my mother who was quite a computer wizard in her own time.  She was a beautiful human being and an accomplished writer.  I will always cherish the good times we had together.  Without her behind me I don't think I would have ever opened my own real estate company. 

Betty L. Fonk November 19, 1924 - June 8, 1999

They Have Lived

They have found rebirth in the sight of the sun
Sliding from beyond its horizon,
Shafting its white-gold essence over a ridge
To fill the valley below with a new day.

They have sensed life reappearing as from sleep,
As winter Snows disappear into mountain rills
And yellow buttercups burst onto a spring day,
To dance on the syl-van stage of a tree-ringed glade.

They have stood at land's summit,
Have watched formless white billow on a field of blue,
Casting its shadows on stately green spires below;
Have seen a lark drifting in the expanse between.

They have heard the lonely sentinel-horn
Sounding its warning of a craggy shore;
Announcing the arrival of an enveloping mist
As it swirls, around the headland and over the hill.

They have listened to the overpowering silence
Caressing stark reaches of inland sand;
Have seen the desert night that is as day,
The quiet broken but by the cry of a lone coyote.

They have seen white sails on the bay,
Cutting through crisp, clear autumn air;
Darting here, there, as so many feathers on the breeze,
Guiding hulls and captains to unknown ports.

They have known the peace, the beauty
Of November's first falling snow,
Engulfing Earth with its ivory shroud
As life's pace slows to know its inner wealth.

They have come, to rest in the red-gold glow
That is the sun's last farewell
As it slips slowly away into the sea,
Leaving its color on the clouds even after it has gone.

Grieve not for these, for they have lived;
Rather, mourn for those who to their life are strangers.

Written By Betty L. Fonk in the early 1960's.
Copyright 2011 by J.A.F. Publishing, All rights reserved.
This poem may be reproduced provided that 1) no commercial or economic gain is intended 2) you request permission from the publisher by writing to the e-mail above stating where you will use it and 3) you give the author credit for her poem by placing her name immediately at the bottom of the poem.
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