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                     Appraisal Fee Schedule

  1.  Income Producing Property, FNMA 1025...$875
  2.  FHA/USDA Summary Appraisal Report  FNMA 1004...$650
  3.  Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal FNMA 1073...$650
  4.  Summary Appraisal Report Manufactured, FNMA 1004C...$650
  5.  Summary Appraisal Report/Full Appraisal  FNMA 1004...$650
  6.  Review Appraisal Report (Field Review), FNMA 2000...$650
  7.  Interior Inspection/Bldg. Sketch FNMA 2055...$650
  8.  Land Appraisal Report...$300
  9.  Exterior Inspection, FNMA 2055...$400
11.  Desktop Underwriter Property Insp./Ext., FNMA 2075...$150
12.  Single Family Comparable Rent Schedule, FNMA 1007...$150
13.  Loan Prospector Condition & Marketability , FHLMC 2070 $400  
14.  Draw Inspection Report...$150
15.  Appraisal Update/Completion Report, FNMA 1004D...$150
16.  Supplemental Real Estate Owned Addendum, REO...$100
17.  Additional Trip Fee to the subject property,,,$150
18.  Operating Income Statement, FNMA 216...$100

*Atypical properties such as waterfront properties, foreclosures, houses built on more than two acres, and larger than typical houses for this area of the country (above 3000sf living area), are priced on a quote basis.
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Beverly Hills, Crystal River, Dunnellon, Floral City, Istachatta, Hernando, Holder, Homosassa, Homosassa Springs, Inglis, Inverness, Lecanto.
Citrus County
34423, 34428, 34429, 34430,  34431, 34432, 34433, 34434, 34436, 34442, 34445, 34446, 34447, 34448, 34449, 34450, 34451, 34452, 34453, 34460, 34461, 34464, 34465
J.A.F. Appraisals & Real Estate offers a full range of Residential Appraisal Reports: VA, FHA, USDA, conventional purchases, refinances, estate settlements, REO's, distressed properties, foreclosures, taxes, vacant land, and private appraisals.

Draw Inspection Reports are available for new construction residences. All new construction residences are thoroughly inspected according to the lender's specific guidelines. 

All appraisal reports conform to USPAP guidelines and meet or exceed the Florida Real Estate Appraisal Board's requirements.  Data for appraisals are derived from the following sources; Realtor's Association of Citrus County M.L.S. database, First American Real Estate Solutions, Inc., Marshall & Swift Residential Cost Handbook, FEMA maps,  U.S. Census Bureau maps, county public appraiser records, county clerk records, and public zoning maps.  All commerical database records are personally verified by cross-checking with public records and firsthand sources of information. 

Effective October 27, 2008 John A. Fonk is an FHA approved appraiser. 

J.A.F. Appraisals & Real Estate has state of the art computer programs.  All completed appraisal reports are available for transmission via the internet to your e-mail address.  Documents transmitted via the internet or facsimile are legally binding.  The documents have a high level of safety and security and may not be altered by third parties.

John A. Fonk
State-Certified Residential
Real Estate Appraiser RD3454
All completed reports are normally transmitted within two business days (48 hours) of the scheduled inspection date!                       *Atypical properties may require more time than normal to complete.

Appraisal requests may be sent via  email to:

Please follow up with a phone call to (352) 464-4053 to verify receipt of the order.

The rates quoted below are highly competitive within the Nature Coast region of Florida!
Appraisal Fee Schedule & Service Areas